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WEAR COVERAGE                                                     

Our Goal is to have your Complete Satisfaction

This program is designed to protect you from unknown wear and tear assessments of your vehicle upon its lease expiration. Upon termination of your lease there will be an inspection either before turn-in or upon arrival of the vehicle at the dealership to determine the amount of wear and tear that has been done to the leased vehicle.

Why make yourself worry about costly penalties at the end of your lease? Protect yourself against additional expenses.

Excess Wear and Tear Charges may include:
*Paint Damage
*Exterior surface dents, scratches, chips
*Wheel Covers
*Alloy and Steel Wheels
*Broken Lights and Bulbs
*Interior upholstery surface rips, tears, stains, and spots
*Front and Rear windshield
*Small Burn Holes
*Minor Missing Equipment like knobs or mats